- a business card with the messengers in 10 minutes

Instagram allows you to place only one link in the profile. Through our service you can add all your contacts and links to the site.

Create page! I'm already with you;)

One link

One nice link to your personalized page.

A lot of destinations

Direct your subscribers anywhere: messengers, social networks, articles, online store.

Easy management

Manage links easier than simple - add, drag and drop - you're done!


Connect Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel and track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.


Choose a design with a few beautiful and colorful themes.


You do not need to install anything. Just go from any browser on any device.

How does it work?


Input the login, password and fill in the name - that's all you need to get started.

Add a link

Add a link to the social network, messengers, website, store, channel, blog post... and anything!

Add to Instagram

Now there's a link to Instagram or the profile of any other social network so others can find your links.

Try it right now!

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