Frequently Asked Questions

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Common questions

Choko.Link is a multi-link for Instagram and other social networks. As you know, Instagram has one unpleasant limitation: you can only add one link - in the profile header. If you leave the link in other places - in the text of the post, comments or description of the page - it will be unclickable, and it can not be even copied!

The time-tested solution is to create a business card page and place as many links as you like on it. A link to such a business card page can be placed not only in your Instagram profile, but also in other social networks. Or just printed on a paper business card.

Of course, you can just post a link to the site. This can be a personal portfolio, an online store, or a blog (or all at once). If you have a website, you yourself manage its content and do not depend on third-party services.

However, often the site is redundant - if you just need to place your contacts or give users a choice - to go to the site or to, for example, a YouTube channel. In this case, the whole site will be costly (in terms of time and financial resources), especially for start-ups. In addition, the Choko.Link business card page is light and minimalistic - only the name, description and links.

We have paid and free plans. In the free plan, you can use all the basic functionality - create a simple page with several links and one of several backgrounds. If you need more, in the «Plus» plan you can create additional pages, add a feedback form, view detailed statistics of views and conversions, and much more. Find out more about the paid functionality on the pricing page.

After the subscription period expires, you will lose access to the features that are available in the Plus plan:

  • All blocks that are not available without a subscription will be hidden;
  • The design theme will be replaced by the first available (black);
  • The "I want this page" button will appear;
  • Access to the page with statistics and the form will be lost. However, the data will not be deleted. After paying the subscription, everything will be in place;
  • The Site Widget, Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel will also stop working.

After paying for the subscription, you should refresh the account page and, if necessary, disable the "Hide block" option on the blocks that have become hidden.

My page

To change the address of the additional page, in your personal account go to the tab «Content» → «Link to your profile» → «Change». Change your profile homepage address is currently impossible.

It is important to note that after changing the address, the page will become inaccessible via the old link!

You can generate a QR code for the page in the «Content» section, by clicking the corresponding button next to the link to your page.

Also, a QR code with a link to the page can be generated in any convenient application. A QR code is simply a way of displaying information. You can write the link on the business card in text, or you can encode it through a QR code. It's just that in one case it will be easier for a human to read the link, in another - for a machine. A good practice is to write link in text next to the code.

The form allows page visitors to send you an anonymous message. Since messages are anonymous, if the visitor did not leave his contacts in the message, he will not be able to respond personally. Therefore, it is recommended to use the form - to collect contacts - phones and emails, or anonymous feedback.

After submitting the form, the visitor will see a note that the message has been sent. You can also specify where to redirect the visitor after submitting the form. For example, to the "thanks page" or to downloading promotional material that is available after leaving contacts. You can specify a forwarding address by filling in the "Redirect after submit" field.

Among the blocks, find the links that have the "➡" icon. In the settings of these links, uncheck the «Instantly follow link» checkbox and save your changes.

For the first share, social networks save the title, description, and image. So for future shares, they don't waste resources and display the old card.

To update this information, use the following tools:

  • Facebook Sharing Debugger for Facebook and Instagram. Paste there link, press "Debug", then press "Scrape Again"
  • Webpage Bot for Telegram. Send him the links and follow the instructions.


There are two types of visits in statistics. Simple visits and unique. Let's imagine that three people went through the link. One passed twice, the second one - once, and the third - 5 times. Then the amount of views will be 8, but unique users - three.

Statistics are tied to the link. It is to his address. That is, if you change at least one character in the address of the link - the computer will consider it to be completely different and there will be no statistics for it. If you change the link to the old one, the statistics will reappear.


Important! Domain verification is not available for Facebook Pixel.

If you have already created a pixel, skip steps 2-4.

  1. Go to Facebook Event Manager on the Pixels tab
  2. Click Create Pixel
  3. In the window that opens, click Install code manually
  4. Save and go back to the Pixels section
  5. Copy pixel ID
  6. Enter it in the "Analytics" section and click Save

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Click Admin
  3. In the drop-down menu in the Account column, select the account to which you want to add the resource
  4. Click the Create Resource button
  5. Enter the address of your Choko.Link page, fill remaining fields and click create
  6. Copy the identifier of the form UA-12345678-9 and paste in the appropriate field of the "Analytics" section

  1. In Tag Manager, click Workspace
  2. Near the top of the window, find your container ID, formatted as "GTM-XXXXXX"
  3. Copy it and paste in the appropriate field of the "Analytics" section

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